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>> i think ricky martin is more than a one hit wonder he was in menudo. >> go ahead and give the forecast. >> he was in menudo. >> let's get right to it. very brief i can give you more on one hit wonders, sentinel sat rad a lot of cloud cover satellite radar not showing you the cloud cover and fog across the area, bottom line, more of derstorm more cloudiness, this afternoon more humidity and more warm temperatures, good news, up near 80, out to the west, cold front, showers will bring us drier air. regan national, 71, off to a warm start, 68 ocean city, 66 winchester your forecast, mix of clouds, i think a little more sunshine than yesterday, could be a shower or thunder storm this afternoon most of the day dry high temperature 80, on the humid side more
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details on the forecast more on one hit wonders in a couple minutes tony alison back to you. all right. turning to our top story, crackson the washington monument we are waiting for the national park service to give us a status update. >> it was closed last month many are wondering if it will reopen sherry leon the mall with that story good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it has taken more than a month for structural engineers to inspect the washington monument and come up with their results to assess the damaged inside and out. today we will get an idea what they found and what will be needed to fix the monument, this is a national landmark, visitors were evacuated during the august 23rd earthquake witnesses say pieces of the ceiling and debris came
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crashing down inside later that day an aerial inspection spotted a 4-foot crack at the top. structural engineers who specialize in earthquake damage and historical architects were brought in they will issue their assessment later today and recommendations for repairs until then the national park service has not said when it might reopen. when,. >> as of right now we don't have that information. so we are telling people to stand by. our number one goal is to have the monument open and once again go to the top and view the city, named after george washington from his monument. the monument suffered additional damage, during hurricane when water got in through the cracks, the bark service says that -- park service say that is will make winterization even more important they will temporarily fill those cracks with
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additional rain and snow -- so additional rain and snow will not get in. it will likely take several months to make repairs, national park service will hold a press conference to discus that report so we will get a better idea then. back to you. >> quite fascinating thank you. new this morning, one american dead another injured after a shooting at a cia office in kabul afghanistan the gunman was an afghan employed by the u.s. government, he was shot and killed u.s. embassy says the motive for the attack is still under investigation. two years, in an iranian prison this morning two american hikers are back home with loved ones. they got back to new york, yesterday. in 2009 iran convicted them of spying after they crossed the unmarked border with iraq. they told reporters they didn't know they actually crossed the border, and described being kept in isolation.
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we heard the screams of other prisoners, being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them. >> every time we complained about our conditions guards would immediately remind us of comparable conditions at guantanamo bay. the prison never told them they were being released last wednesday and only found out when they were hustled to meet a diplomat from oman whose first words were let's go home. another government shut down looms friday night if congress can't agree on a budget. right now the sticking point is funding fema for disaster relief. senate blocked the house bill friday because it didn't have enough money for fema. president obama rallied the troops at congressional black caucus over the weekend. take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes, shake it off, stop complaining, stop grumbling,
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stop crying. now this morning the senate is voting on a democratic plan. it is a sure sign the 2012 republican presidential nomination is up for grabs, business man herman cane won a florida straw poll over the weekened 37% of the vote perry kim in second with 15 -- came in second with 15%, romney won a michigan straw poll. is new jersey governor chris christy having second thoughts on a run for the white house. he is seriously considering throwing his hat into the race for the gop nod governor's press secretary called it speculation and said christy repeatedly said he will not run. the governor will be in the national spotlight this week when he give as speech at the
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regan presidential library. president barack obama in full campaign mode as he arrives in california he was seattle for two private events yesterday. he is in san jose california where he is holding a town hall hosted by linked in, he is also speaking in mountain view, san diego and los angeles he ends his west coast swing in denver tomorrow. one of the most fascinating stories that came out last week was the greatest mind of the 20th century wrong about something scientists at the world's largest physics lab say subatomic particles have been observed travelling faster than the speed of light that contradicts einstein who says it makes it a pretty big deal. joining us is the professor at george mason university. good to meet you here is the first thing we should make clear as i understand it before we get to detales of this, this
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has to be replicated, by some other scientists before we can take it as a given is that right? >> sure any time anybody comes along with an extraordinary claim, no body will really accept it unless it is replicated. >> but there is no reason to believe these guys are lying, you just need to prove it in another facility in another way. >> no motivation to lie, they would just look like fools. but let me tell you, exactly what it is they did. >> okay. >> this is not from an experiment done in someone's garage of course. what was done is create a beam of subatomic particles, send them across a distance of some 500 miles and observe, how they would arrive, compared to a beam of light covering the same distance what they found, is that in that 500 miles, these nutrinos arrive 60 feet ahead of light beam, beating the speed of light by a tiny
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amount. >> i read it was 60 nanoseconds but when you put it at 60 feet that is pretty significant it seems -- minuscule over 500 miles. >> all depends how accurate you can measure the discrepancy they claim to measure the discrepancy to no more uncertainty of 10 feet that is a very significant deviation. >> okay how are subatomic particles, sent 500 miles and captured some place else? how does that work? they are travelling through the air? >> they are travelling through the air the particles they use can travel right through the earth, this very second, trillions of nutrinos are passing through your body you don't feel a thing these are unusual particles, and they have had all kinds of fascinating discoveries, decades, it took to demonstrate. >> they can assume different
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shapes. >> what they call flavours, different flavours. i should mention, that the possibility, father than light travel was first -- faster than light travel was first raised in the 60s and most physicists gave up on the idea, because there has been a series of false reports over the years, in terms of where things stand relative to einstein's theory of relativity, people should be aware, that even though einstein did say that nothing can exceed the speed of light, what he is referring to is take a particle from below the speed of light and accelerate it to the speed of light and beyond that is possible. >> that is impossible. >> however, the way one can get around this, these research which ares in the 60s proposed, maybe these things were not always created at super light speed from the very moment of
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creation, and if you accept that, you would basically have three classes of particles, so it is always below speed of light and above the speed of light and right at the speed of light. >> first class, business class and coach. >> yeah. with separation. >> of course. so in that sense, there is no real fundamental disagreement with relativity. >> let me ask you two questions the media we like to simplify things all i heard talk about this weekend was time travel. >> yep >> if it is -- if we can duplicate what these scientists performed does that mean theoretically time travel is possible? >> well, let's see, personally, i don't think so. it is not that i would categorically say time travel is impossible, however i think exceedingly unlikely, the other
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thing some people suggested these particles are really travelling faster than light they could be used for signaling back in time there is a great movie, frequency, he receives messages from his dead father. >> right bruce willis? >> yeah. >> i don't think that is possible, if the beyond exists but they do have bizarre properties i might add a decade ago i did some published work which suggested precisely the idea that it might be faster than light different flavour of packeon, excuse me different flavour of nutrino, but still the result is not conclusive but still it did raise this possible, and other people have considered this. >> we will have to watch and see what happens. >> all right doctor thank you for coming in helps us
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understand a little more. >> alison. or me no, it is me sorry. >> here i am >> wish i could go back in time 10 seconds. there is a billion air philanthropies in our area, ready to get rid of some of his cash and he is looking for your help. we talked about it last week, a new development for you. 
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welcome back, 9:15 a.m., the 14-year-old suspended for wearing a banana suit heads back to class today. colonial forge high school sophomore got suspended for 10 days and facing expulsion for running along the sidelines of a school football game in a banana suit. the school lifted the
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suspension friday, ryan's mother says he suffers from autism she is glad to have the situation resolved but concerned about the scrutiny her son now faces. pro bare nary period i am hoping -- probationary period i am hoping he isn't at school underneath a microscope he has one thing to do wrong and out the door. >> ryan will be on probation for the five remaining days of the suspension. well, tony a local business man recently gave away a million dollars to a local charity on top of the 5 million he gave last november he is not done yet, bob mccart knee wrote about this generous person yesterday he joins us to talk more about bill conway cofounder of the carlyle group good morning bob. >> hi alison. >> he is worth $2.7 billion. >> according to forbes magazine he won't say exactly how much he is worth but he doesn't --
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that is what forbes said. >> he wants to get rid of half. >> he wants to give away more than half of it possibly quite a bit more than half of it before he passes away and he is 62. >> this is just something he is thinking about he is not sick he is not predicting he is just -- >> no, he is still working. >> just looking to be a generous, and -- i wish that i had the money to do that. >> so do we all. >> i hope i would be as thoughtful as mr. conway is, but what is his personality like when you sat down and talked to him for this article what is he like? >> yeah, he is kind of a restless personality he rocks back and forth in his chair as he was talking to me he has a lot of ideas, welling up in him he is thoughtful e thought he
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was -- i thought he was trying to consider what is the best way to use this well, that he has. he talks a lot about how he feels he has been luckier than other people he doesn't necessarily think he is better than other people he is motivated a lot but not exclusively by his religious faith he is roman catholic, he goes to church almost every day, worships at st. patricks downtown and little flower in bethesda, and he is quite satisfied and happy he has given away a lot of money for food, to food banks, to help the homeless, and shelters, health care for the poor but feels as though a lot of this is stop gap giving money you give away and helps people and that is good and worth while but he would like to use the bulk of his wealth, for more permanent solutions, and he is looking for ideas on that.
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>> trying to do it locally. >> much of it locally it is just a little fuzzy, certainly most of the money he has given away it seems so far has been local he is very committed to the washington area, he lives in mclane carlyle group is based downtown, it is a local, very successful, private equity firm, and i think much of it, certainly most of it would be given away locally when you have more than a billion dollars to give away there is plenty to go around. >> wow. >> what he is really interested in and he got this idea from his wife, is trying to find a way to use this money to create jobs, to help the poor so that the poor, don't just take a hand out but have something that lasts and goes forward, for a long time not just supports them but also their families and creates money and revenue for the community, so he is looking for ideas on
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that. i have been overwhelmed and i think he has as well by the response to this column, we had more than 100 responses by early afternoon yesterday and 360 by this morning. >> at the end of the article you give an address he passed it on, it is conway@-- >> no, enquiries. >> >> people are copying me as well we have more than 360 responses i am hoping to publish some of them in the post tomorrow and second page of the metro section and i am sure i am going to write a follow up column for thursday on this talking about ideas we have gotten. >> really i was trying to remember the old adage not just feeding someone but teaching them how to farm. >> give a man a fish, feed him for a day teach him to fish he
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eats for a lifetime. he uses that adage as a way to describe what he is trying to do. >> well, my mind might think like him now if only i had the bank account. >> that is what is special about this, everybody likes to talk about solutions and ideas but here is someone with the resources to make something big happen. >> following in the footsteps, if you will, of warren buffet, bill gates, these billionaires have asked others in the same position to do the same, to give. >> well, there is a giving pledge, of billionaires they is promised they are trying to get billionaires to promise to give away half their wealth before they die he is planning to do that himself but he specifically wants to use the money as i said to create something lasting and ideally, create jobs, good paying jobs, for the poor. >> bob mccartney great article. wonderful isn't it tony?
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>> fantastic thank you very much. one of the greatest rivalries takes center stage for monday night football red skins and cowboys face off for the first time this season in dallas these two teams have squared off 102 times since the 60s. 42 of those games were decided by less than a touchdown catch the monday night show down between the skins and cowboys, on my 20, 8:30 p.m. tonight following the game stay tuned for the live post game show from cowboy stadium. bill changes have taken place across the country since september 11th wait until you hear some of the changes made in the police force in new york city what they now have the capability of doing, next. >> holly is checking out the home of the future holly. >> reporter: i am. in fact, we are live down in west potomac park. we are talking about great minds, great ideas, and great
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fun you can play corn hole in front of a cost effective home. one of the 20 teams competing in this award winning competition we will talk more about it plus take you inside the perdu boiler makers home they are in second place we will talk to them about why they think they should win. live later. did you know yesterday was one hit wonder day, in honor, vh-1 put together a list of popular one hit wonders, number ten, 99 red balloons by nina, ... we will look at the rest of the list coming up later in the hour. back in a moment 
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plane full of tourists enroute to mount everest crashed, killing everyone onboard the plane crashed, the turbo prop plane was just a few miles south of cat man due when it crashed in a nepal ease village. witnesses say it careened into the roof of a house and exploded two americans were among the victim it is government ordered an investigation. developing overseas, six men charged in a terror plot due in court in london. they were arrested last month two of the men are accused of planning a bombing campaign they apparently made claims they would become suicide bombers another suspect is charged with helping recruits, travel to pakistan for terrorism training. >> new york city's top cop is talking about his fight against terrorism, ray kelly tells cbss 60 minutes in the wake of9/11
9:28 am
he created a counter terrorism unit that can handle a variety of situations including taking down a plane if necessary he has intelligence officers working overseas and an extensive network of surveillance cameras in manhattan. dr. oz is going all out this season first controversial study on apple juice now giving away big big money details up next. when we talk to dr. oz himself. is the rain gone? tucker is the fog gone? all that, tucker is up next with the forecast keep it here we are back after the break, 9:28 a.m.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ all right welcome back, tucker joins us once again, both you and i have been doing this, seems like the same forecast for 8 days. >> can i do it. >> you are not the only one alison, we have all had enough
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of it. it will get better, not so much today but getting into the five day period, cooler temperatures on the way with sunshine. >> don't we normally have a funny story. >> we are tight on time. >> dan. keep on moving. headlines, later today, warm and humid, yeah, just like last couple days, highs later this afternoon 80 degrees could be a shower or thunder storm highly dependent on sunshine get a little sunshine that will help build in the possibility of a shower, thunderstorm this afternoon, possibility, mostly dry, cooler and dryer by mid- week promise to see changes, mid-forecast, vintage fall weather we all love, 70s. tropics active, tropical storm felippe, maximum 60 miles per hour across the atlantic that will not impact land areas. a lot of cloud covers, fog
9:33 am
particularly off to the west, that fog will burn off eventually but not a beautiful day, 70 culpepper, 72 winning number frederick and hagerstown expect afternoon highs, 80 it will be on the warm side notice humidity as well as we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. sentinel radar, one or two sprinkles, those could be sprinkles, south of baltimore, you can see it going around and around not a lot of activity right now i don't think today will be terribly active but possible you could get a shower or thunder storm later today, off to the east, a lot of rain and then very vigorous system a strong cold front area of low pressure there, chicago and as that get gets in here, thunderstorm activity, eventually, to the east area of low pressure sitting there for days and days, kicks on out, drier and cooler air in here
9:34 am
just hang in there, another couple days it will turn beautiful. today mix of clouds could be periods of sunshine for parts of the area, a few areas of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, daytime high, winds ott of the south and east, mostly cloudy, scattered showers back in the forecast, 69 your overnight low your 5 day forecast again not much improvement, tomorrow 78, showers and storms back in the forecast better wednesday a lot better by thursday and friday highs in the mid-70s. okay that is a look at weather tony toss it back to you. >> thank you big news, a first for the dr. oz show giving away $1 million, that is part of a season long program leading viewers through 7 steps toward optimum health one lucky finalist will walk away with the cash dr. oz himself joins us to talk more about it good morning how are you sir? >> good morning very excited you know, yes, you are right, one person will win the vote
9:35 am
and become the person who win it is million dollars but everybody else is healthy for trying those seven steps are critical to our well being. >> it is a can be test someone will win a lot of money but you are characterizing it as a call to action for millions and millions of people tell us about what you are trying to do. well, we want to transform the nations health the way to do that of course is fight the battle in our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, seven steps, things you can do yourself, step one, telling people in your life you are on the program i am doing with you now tony but i want everyone else to lis season hear that and spread the word the good news, -- listen and hear that and spread the word, the good news is people around you will support you unless they are enabling you. know your body mass index, you can go any where in the washington area and get your body mass index measured by weight watchers for free this week show up get the testing they will give you advice about
9:36 am
weight loss. this body mass index, which we have heard about for several years this is one of the key components of this program information you say we all really need the know. >> well, the nice thing about body mass index it will give you a gauge whether you will have complications in your life, excuse me you may have to send a doctor for me. those complications include diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and hold you back from being the person you could be a lot of folks don't know how to measure it or where to start i have made it easy for folks to do the right thing the other remaining seven steps i will not walk you through all of them today's show is on this topic but you need to be able to sleep better cope with stress effectively, things you thought were unobtainable for you are there and show up in l >> now if ideally millions of people are doing this, how are you all going to choose the
9:37 am
semifinalist and finalist. we have seven judges who will narrow the pool down we are not look for the healthiest but the one who has tried the hardest and done the most for themselves the list of finalists, all of america is going to vote whoever america thinks is really em bodied what this program is about the pride and joy you take if taking your body to -- in taking a body to a different level, i have never been so excited in my life this program has taken so much of the energy we have had for the first couple years of the show and put it into a bottle. sounds great, good for everybody everyone benefits, dr. oz's transformation nation, million dollar you begins today. >> take care. that is pretty good incentive there. >> all right well, it was once one of the highest security prisons in the nation now it is a tourist attraction would you want to spend the night at
9:38 am
alcatraz why you might be able to do that coming up. >> i have been there. it is really cool. >> i got to go. >> first a look at songs four and five on vh-1s. one hit wonder list, one hit wonder day was sunday. number 5, mickey, what do you you think of that? >> i like that song. >> number 4, i'm too sexy but right said fred. >> who doesn't love that song. >> novelty songs. >> the rest of the list coming up back in a moment 
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nasa scientists say almost all of that 20-year-old satellite safely plunged to its fiery enabling over the pacific ocean -- end, over the pacific ocean, burning pieces may have fallen on parts of the northwest united states or
9:42 am
western canada. the historic island prison of alcatraz may be devising a new way to entertain tourists they are considering overnight stays, concessions and more access to the island. wow. what is old is new again at the box office. the lion king -- there it is ♪ [ music ] the lion king ruled the blocks office for the second weekend in a row. 22 .1 million dollars. >> brad pitt's money ball which i saw opened in second place, taking in $26.6 million rounding out the top 5, dolphin tale, abduction. affordable, attractive, easy to live in. we head to the solar decathlon
9:43 am
next for the future of home power. >> also take a look at benefits of adopting an older pet coming up next with details, ♪[ music ] >> first we continue to run down the list of one hit wonders, the list in hop norof national one hit wonder day, yesterday, number three, come on eileen, i never knew who did that song. and number two, painted love the number one song on the list coming up right here 
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solar powered houses are
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cost effective, energy efficient some may say attractive. >> wish they could just stay there. holly morris is at west potomac park southwest participating in the solar decathlon hey holly. >> reporter: good morning i think the one that i am standing in front of is particularly attractive this is a house put together by the team from purdue university in indiana mcken that is on that team and joins me i think it is my midwestern vibe i am getting from this house. >> exactly it is called in home short for indiana home we wanted a midwestern style home that would appeal to a broad market of homeowners, what you see is a typical home, when you come inside it has all the things you are used to having. >> you guys are in second place. >> that's right. >> how far behind are you from first place. >> .4. >> very close. >> there is still lots to go this week. >> yeah. >> in here tell me what your team has been thinking over the
9:48 am
past couple years. >> we have been thinking we like to design a home that appeals to a lot of people. this house is very livable. >> it is. >> when you walk inside you feel like it is your home we wanted something when you sit down, you don't feel uncomfortable you want to have people over and it is an easy, accessible way of doing it. >> you would choose this home even if it didn't have the energy efficient benefits you would say i want to live there. the floor plan looks good a lot of features demonstrate that. >> we want to bring in lee for that. part of the big thing one of the things that sets you guys apart is how cost effective you are under the $250,000 mark. officially the price will be released tomorrow. >> you built this home for $243,000. >> materials and labor. >> affordability is important.
9:49 am
>> this is the bio wall, a plant wall that filters air as it goes through the air conditioning system take out co 2 and formal gay hide, these plants will handle that it is important in a airtight home like this. >> that is not high maintenance. >> no, it waters itself like a pump. >> you automatically have greenery in your house. >> yes,. and you are walking around with an ipad. >> controls for the home as you can see here not only can you control the thermostat but come in and look at the door locks, lights in the home, see kitchen light, yep. >> just went off. >> right off turn it back on. >> there you go. >> that is impressive and all of this you were telling me earlier, this is all consumer ready, someone could come in and talk to you about it and go to home depot and get it. >> yep go to any home improvement store and pick this
9:50 am
up you don't need a contractor it is wireless, plug it in, start your online account there you go. >> let's talk about fun features of your house you are proud of your bathroom. >> we are, dual sinks, great for families to live in and also if you are sharing it with your husband you want your own sink. >> absolutely. >> and you know that sells homes bathrooms sell homes and a lot of the other houses we have seen have very small bathrooms you have a bedroom and complete office. >> yes we designed this for professional couple in mind we wanted to incorporate an office into the home it could also be used as a nursery for those who are expecting. >> who are you talking about. >> and you were saying not only are you working on this and designed it through the week you have to have dinner parties, movie night prove the home is functional. >> this is a real home we want to show people can live in it, and that it really does fit their lifestyle. >> part of what the people are seeing in the home are these
9:51 am
sensors they monitor our temperature and relative humidity in the home all through the night we get scored on that every 15 minutes it is exciting to watch. >> we are not effecting it are we? >> not. >> at least you are telling me that, i don't want to dock you when you are so close to the top. and last but not least there is a family going to enjoy this home maybe as soon adds thanksgiving. >> yes, they are setting the foundation when we take the home back to indiana after this competition we will start construction. >> how do you guys feel, the week is going to end up? >> we are confident. >> don't want to speculate too much. >> they feel like the boiler makers will be in the running. >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> our website we have a link to the solar decathlon, going on west potomac park come through the afternoon do free tours talk to the students get ideas for your own home on weekends they have free hours, longer 10 to 5:30 p.m. and consumer workshops throughout the week so you can
9:52 am
come and learn more back to you in studio. >> we are loving these homes. >> comfy cozy >> i am telling you i am so impressed like i said earlier i covered the first one in 2002 and everyone since and this year it is amazing to me how beautiful and livable, and not to mention all the other benefits of being cost effective and energy efficient these homes are i am in awe of these brilliant minds. thanks. well, it is hard to say it there are some pets who just have a harder time getting adopted into forever homes some may have health issues challenging personalities some are older. >> there are some positive things to adopting an older pet. annie joins us with a local shelter that can shed some light good morning. >> good morning thank you today we are featuring some pet, that have a sad but sweet story, right. yes and joining me now is randy martin. events director and volunteer with pet connect rescue along
9:53 am
with bruce cohen or should i call you big bruno. >> that is fine. >> big bruno is his nickname. randy who do we have? >> well, some senior girls with us today this is maggie,. >> yes. >> this is casey they were adopted as puppies by a very loving woman who unfortunately passed away and she may have made provisions for her pets, but, whatever the case, they both ended up in a kill shelter. where pet connect rescue got them out they are in a loving foster home but we are looking for a home for them they have to be together they have been together ten years and they love each other they are great dogs, house broken, they are older, moving a bit slower but they are loving, they are wonderful pets,. >> let's talk about that, they are slower, because they are seniors, they are ten years old. >> right. >> what is that in dog years 70. >> exactly. so you know, what is it like or what sorts of things should
9:54 am
people watch out for caring for a senior dog. >> as you age your pet ages you have to make provisions for them if you are in ill health or something happens who is going to watch your pets when you are not here any more for these two they ended up in a shelter which could have turned out very bad but we took them out there is a lot of older pets in shelters, they just require a little bit more care, as you can see, they love each other, they groom each other sleep with each other, you know, older pets. >> awww. >> older pets just require a little more care but what you get from them is just amazing. >> it is. >> we have their picture and their bio along with other dogs on the pet connect >> and we are looking for a home they have to be together as you can see this is what they do every day they play, they take care of each other, we are very happy they were put together in the shelter if not they would have been devastated. >> alison has a senior pet so
9:55 am
do i, alison's is 16 and mine is 11 we know the tender loving care that goes into these dogs. >> they little more slower and brittle. >> nice lap dogs. >> wonderful. >> bruno tell us about volunteering. >> sure we need volunteers, there is a lot of people in montgomery county and washingtdc area, we need help on various transportation requirements, fosters, photographers, a lot of times we take pictures, taken by the cell phone and doesn't capture the beauty of the dog we need people to come out the different homes and take pictures. >> yeah, you mentioned events we want to get this in you have an upcoming event here. >> we do. >> can you tell us. >> dog days silver spring a lot of rescue groups get together downtown silver spring the streets are closed a great place to come and look for your future family member, there is going to be a lot of rescues
9:56 am
down there we will also -- wall to wall dogs so much fun. >> okay. >> 11 to 3. >> real quickly i want to also get this in you joined us july 11th, piper and cumin have been adopted. >> piper is with a mom and dad in bethesda, having the time of her life and allowed on the furniture and cumin the cat, they adopted her, family in rockville they were a little concerned about their cat getting along with him, but they are pals. >> great. thank you back to you tony and alison. >> i have a senior pet 14-year- old injury bill. >> any hoo you do not. >> no, i know q you disgust me.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 5, Alison 5, Washington 4, Indiana 3, Tucker 3, Einstein 3, Piper 2, Fema 2, Ryan 2, Bruno 2, U.s. 2, West Potomac Park 2, America 2, Alcatraz 2, Bethesda 2, New York City 2, Herman 1, Holly Morris 1, Mclane Carlyle 1, Christy 1
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